Sex For Holiday Lovers!

The holidays are a great time for couples to share intimate and erotic moments. Here are some great holiday opportunities to get close and intimate and experience erotic moments like never before!

1. Sex at a Holiday party! Going to a Christmas party or a holiday event party can be an excellent opportunity for sexual intimacy to occur. And for the adventurous, intimacy can occur during the actual party itself! A holiday party provides an awesome environment where everyone is in a great mood, the booze is flowing freely, and holiday cheer and well being is in the air. Sneaking off to a room, closet, or bathroom during the party can be an exciting and erotic way to become sexually intimate in the moment, and it will be a time that is guaranteed to always be remembered!

2. Sex after the party! A great and even more intimate and erotic way to share sexual intimacy is alone together, after attending a Christmas event or party! You’ve both enjoyed a fun, holiday evening, with friends or co-workers, and that sets up the perfect moment to engage in intimacy after wards. There’s something about the holiday that brings warmness and closeness to one another. Celebrating that intimacy alone together, after having celebrated with friends prior, is a great way to achieve an amazing night of closeness.

3. Erotic Gift Giving! The holidays provide an awesome opportunity to increase intimacy through erotic gift giving. This can range from lingerie or sexy outfits to sex toys, erotic oils, ointments and other sexy intimacy aids. Surprising your partner dressed up as a sexy Misses Santa Clause in revealing holiday lingerie can be outrageously erotic.